Dear visitors,

welcome to Augsburg Zoo, one of the most popular leisure facilities in this part of Bavaria.

The zoo exhibits 80 species of mammals, more than 200 species of birds and interesting reptiles, amphibians and insects- all in all a representative selection of the animal kingdom.

The 1500 individuals live, where possible, in spacey outdoor enclosures in an attractive setting of about 55.000 acres. Extensive walkways lead along ponds full of waterfowl, little streams, open meadows and shady tree groves. Along the way you find animal exhibits, restaurants and an adventure playground for children – a perfect place for family outings, recreation and education.

The Zoo Augsburg takes part in more than 20 international breeding programs for endangered species and in addition supports projects, which protect endangered species in their natural habitats.

With special guided tours and events we try to call attention to the threat of endangered animals and wildlife in general. We hope that our animals can act as ambassadors for their wild kin and are able to initiate love and interest for nature as well as create an understanding for the colossal decrease in wildlife and loss of habitats around the world.
In order to fulfil the demands of the new “World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy “ we will offer a wider selection of edutainment to our visitors in the near future.

Dr. Barbara Jantschke


Do come and visit our lovely zoo.
We wish you a pleasant stay with exciting experiences.